Posted by: locaphile | February 18, 2013

Perfect Murder Decoys Crow Deterrent

Locaphile Perfect Murder Crow Decoy Hanging Out

We have had crows living in and around our garden for the past few years.  Many song birds left.  We thought the crows might move on eventually but then we noticed their numbers increasing.  The young seem to be staying with their parents rather than moving out.  Farmers used to shoot crows and nail their carcasses to trees to deter crow populations.  Happily, there is no need for us to do this.  Perfect Murder Decoys is a Maple Ridge company that creates replica crows to warn off the real ones.  The decoys have been available at the Haney Farmers Market during the market season but when we noticed the crows looking like they might be nesting soon, we e-mailed Perfect Murder Decoys directly.

Locaphile Perfect Murder Crow Decoy on Drive

The crow decoy was delivered the same day and within a week the crows seem to have left the garden.  At first only a couple of crows noticed the decoy and there was not much effect.  We moved it around the garden – sometimes leaving in on the ground and sometimes hanging it up.  One morning the trees around the garden filled with 50-60 screaming crows peering down at the decoy.  They left after a couple of hours of their ritual and have not returned.  We can still hear the crows but they are further away now.  Perhaps the garden has been returned to the song birds.


  1. That looks a bit scary I wonder how your kids feel about it…

    • The Perfect Murder Decoy is more than a bit scary… and possibly a good addition to Halloween decor now that you mention it. It is disconcerting when it catches the corner of your eye but most older children (and myself) seem to be able to manage that. Small children or children who feel small might find it more challenging.

  2. I am from Saskatoon. Where can I buy one

  3. […] since the Perfect Murder Crow Decoy came to live in our garden back in February the crows have given us a wide berth.  We suspect they have nested in the tree up the hill again […]

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