Posted by: locaphile | June 9, 2014

Summer containers: fruit and vegetables

It seems that the vegetable plot is never big enough to grow all our favourite fruits and vegetables.  A quick scan around our suburban property shows that the overly large driveway/landing pad is one oLocaphile driveway plantings June 2014f the last frontiers for gardening.  We have built a large raised bed along one side of the driveway and this year it is full of garlic happily throwing up their scapes.  Alongside are potatoes in grow bags and Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) in pots.  As well as not taking up space in the vegetable garden, these two are much easier to manage and harvest in their  bags and pots.  A pot of Japanese Ginger (Zingiber mioga) occupies another pot on the driveway as it was a little too enthusiastic in the ground.  The pickled flowers of the ginger are quite a treat in the late summer.  The latest addition is the turtle-shaped sandbox planted with our experiment with Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatic).  And still there is enough room to park two cars in the driveway should anyone come to visit!

Around on the south and east facing walls of the house are our legion of tomatoes growing in galvanized garbage cans under the eaves to avoid overhead moisture and the dreaded late blight.  More tomatoes reside in the greenhouse along with peppers and basil, all in containers.  Even the vegetable plot itself has more growing space thanks to the containers holding strawberries and eggplants.  The strawberries in hanging baskets are new this year – perhaps they will see less slug damage up off the ground.  Other pots of herbs and berries are scattered around the garden placed so that they get the most sunlight.  Even with all these containers though, the garden may never be big enough and my imagination continues to consider where more can be fit in – just one more pot at a time.




  1. What a great example of using unique spaces and planters to squeeze in even more vegetables! Your garlic is so densely grown and looks very healthy – what variety is it?

    • Thanks so much. The garlic variety is a mystery. A few years ago we bought something called “local garlic” from Richmond in the Fuji-ya Japanese Grocery in Vancouver and liked it so much that we planted some of it. It has bulked up amazingly over the years and does well even when (over) crowded into a raised planter. It might be the variety called “Music” but I can’t be sure.

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