Posted by: locaphile | September 29, 2013

Fabulous First FEAST-ival

OK, so it was cold and it poured rain – I soaked through two rain coats- but what an amazing turn out there was for the very first FEAST-ival staged by the Parent Guild of Meadowridge School here in Maple Ridge.  There will be a lot of stories along the lines of “There was so much rain that…” but there will be even more about the fabulous food trucks from Taco Fino, Hunger Management and Holy Perogy who did booming business all day despite the rain.  Then there was the Cake Walk of such creativity and magnitude that no one had ever seen such an event.  And the tea from the British Invasion Pavilion that kept everyone warm as well as “Calm, and carrying on.”  We at the KICS Lemonade Stand actually provided a surprising amount of lemonade both iced and warm to a surprising number of people.  All the proceeds go to the Meadowridge Parent Guild and, yes, we did have fun out there, braving the elements and hanging out with our friends from the Haney Farmers Market.  That said, we wish for better weather for next year.  Thank you FEAST-ival organizers, volunteers, sponsors and participants.



  1. Wow this looks like a really “Swaggi” Event!

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