Posted by: locaphile | August 5, 2013

Guest blog: Mission Folk Festival 2013

Two of us took in one day of the wonderful Mission Folk Festival, down the road from Maple Ridge. We often try to make this festival, either going for one day, or camping overnight. It’s low-key, friendly, and intimate. And the music tends to be excellent, with something to please everyone. It’s set in a wonderful park, high above the Fraser Valley. While the evening stage often brings bigger acts, we particularly enjoy the smaller day stages, which throw together musicians who’ve probably never played together to see what happens. Sometimes the result can be quite magic, as in the combination of a Latin band from Vancouver called Locarno, and an Italian band called Piccola Banda Ikona, who managed to weave together Mexican brass with Mediterranean rhythms. Other highlights were Orkestar Slivovica, who play in the Balkan Roma style, traditionally performing at extended weddings and other community events. They decided on an impromptu tour of the festival grounds. The younger generation discovered a New York band called The Spring Standards, as well as a local artist called Oliver Swain – CDs were bought in both cases, and autographs tracked down.


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