Posted by: locaphile | July 16, 2013

Vegetable garden renewal, July 2013

As the garlic and fennel are harvested from the garden I am confronted with the challenge of finding space for all the seeds and seedlings that I want to put in.  Is a vegetable garden ever big enough?  In our tiny patch I have plans for new crops of lettuce, cucumbers, beans, swiss chard, fennel and beets and I have great hopes for lovely collards and kale to take us through the winter.  I dutifully rotate the crops around the beds in my head and then find some reason why I cannot plant the whatsits there or there because of this or that.  If I plan ahead for which bed will the the garlic bed in October then I have to make sure whatever I put in it now will have finished up its business of growing.  No kale, collards or beets unless they will be baby greens only.  Cannot put the leeks where the garlic was or where the garlic will be.  Sigh.  Thoughts turn to garden expansion… more lawns are ploughed under… whole cedar hedges disappear and new fences appear that will double as trellises for cucumbers and beans… driveways become covered with raised garden beds.

Mr. Al Kozak from Gusto Garlic at the Haney Farmers Market says that he tells people to check their garlic when the lowest couple of leaves begin the yellow and go dry.  This is good advice as we found our first batch of white skinned garlic was indeed ready long before all the leaves had yellowed.  The second red skinned batch is taking its time though and may have other issues that result in the cloves being much smaller than the white ones.

Meanwhile our porch and hammock are given over to drying garlic and kale seeds.  I’m pretty sure that there is a do not disturb sign out there.

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