Posted by: locaphile | July 10, 2013

Early garlic harvest 2013

Last year we set about harvesting our garlic at the end of July – see post for that bit of excitement.  This year when the leaves started yellowing we found advice that suggests we should harvest earlier if we want the garlic heads to store longer.  This does seem a bit counter-intuitive but we are keen to have our garlic last longer without sprouting.  We hedged our bets a little by harvesting the white garlic that came to us labelled as “local garlic” from Fujiya in Vancouver a few years ago.  The first three to four leaves were withered while the tops were still green (though without their scapes).  The red garlic remains in its garden bed for now and the feral garlic needs to be thought about too.  Hopefully we will manage to be self-sufficient in garlic this year in our garlic-happy household.


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