Posted by: locaphile | June 3, 2013

2013 garlic scapes are coming

Garlic Scapes 1This is a very exciting and plentiful time of year.  First the strawberries and now the promise of garlic scapes in the garden and at the market this coming weekend.  If you aren’t growing your own this year then the Haney Farmers Market is our local place to look for these spring delicacies.  The scapes are the flowering bit of the garlic and some of our family feel that you must pull the scapes in order for the garlic bulb to heart up.  This is reasonable if you want the plant to put its energy into the bulb rather than the flower and seed-making.  In any case the scapes are delicious and that is a good enough excuse to pull them (or find them at your farmers market).  When we first discovered the joys of garlic scapes, we imagined it was the top end, the flower bud that would be the treat.  We soon realized that the flower bud itself could be quite tough and that the tender stalk below was the true delight.  There are some great recipes for garlic scapes to be found at Duende Farm, the home of Gusto Garlic here in Maple Ridge.  At Duende Farm, Al and Donna grow many varieties of garlic and can tell you all you need to know about growing, harvesting and eating garlic scapes and garlic.  We can definitely  recommend the Garlic Pesto and are looking forward to trying the Balsamic & Sesame Garlic Scapes (Scape Side Dish).  In past years we have also made pickled garlic scapes for enjoyment in salads through the winter.  So much fun.



  1. I LOVE Garlic scapes! Thanks for the great info and links!

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