Posted by: locaphile | April 25, 2013

Heart Stones

Locaphile Heart Stones I 2013Heart stones are a personal interest of mine.  I do not get a lot of support from my family with this interest although my beloved did build me a heart stone display shelves for my significant birthday this past year.  My eldest teases me about heart stones while my youngest will still find me beautiful specimens.  Maple Ridge, BC, Canada may be a mother lode of heart stones but I have also found many along the beaches of coastal British Columbia and elsewhere around the world.  Some argue that heart stones exist only in the eye of the beholder but I am quite all right with that.  It is one of my least expensive compulsions so I am not really sure what the fuss is about.

For true  aficionados, you really must see the works of Josie Iselin.  Ms. Iselin uses a flatbed scanner to capture her images of “forms found in nature.”  I had found her work, Heart Stones, a few years ago (and gave it to my beloved who may or may not have truly appreciated it).  We were at Village Books in Fairhaven, Bellingham, Washington State recently and came across another of her works, Sea Glass HeartsBoth Heart Stones and Sea Glass Hearts were “autographed by the author” at Village Books which could suggest that she is moving north from her home in San Francisco and honing in towards the mother lode of heart stones here in Maple Ridge.  As I met her long ago and far away in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this is a most interesting development.

Locaphile Heart Stones II 2013In other weird but interesting heart stone news, I have found entire websites devoted to the subject.  OK, the websites appear to be dormant but they once attracted avalanches of heart stones… Getting carried away again.  Love the heart stones.  Love rocks.




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