Posted by: locaphile | April 21, 2013

Early Spring Harvest 2013

The vegetable garden over-wintered quite well this year, allowing us to continue harvesting salad greens like mizuna, mustards, collards, kale and lettuce.  Some are now going to seed giving us all the more to plant in a month or so.  The rhubarb and garlic are coming along enthusiastically.  This is the first time we have tried to grow Florence Fennel and I am happy to report they transplanted from cells into the garden despite warnings about the dangers of root disturbance.  The ten year old asparagus bed is also starting into it’s spring production.  A variety of seed-grown and crown-planted clumps are bulking up nicely.  Yesterday was the first harvest – the spears are so much sweeter and greener than those traveling to the supermarket from Mexico and California.  Looking forward to more and better from the veggie patch…

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  1. […] Fennel.  The first sowing was started in cels indoors and then transplanted to the garden back in April.  They are beautiful plants in the garden and quite delicious to eat as well.  We enjoyed the […]

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