Posted by: locaphile | April 15, 2013

Tomatoes on their way 2013

Steve Whysall of the Vancouver Sun observed recently that our last frost date in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia is March 29th.  This seems probable although I do remember a killing snowfall in late April in Vancouver many years ago.  Our last frost date here in Maple Ridge may be a couple of days later than March 29th but I think that we are past all threat of frost by now in mid-April. I should knock on wood when I think such things as I have just kicked out this year’s tomato plants from under the indoor grow lights out to the unheated greenhouse.  Excepted are the Indigo Rose seedlings that I started later than the others.

The tomato seedlings were getting leggy indoors and were ready to be potted into gallon pots.  Usually they grow additional roots from the buried stems.  When they are planted out into their big containers I will bury their stems even further.  For now I will be happy if they slow their vertical growth a little bit and get sturdier before their scheduled plant out date in mid-May.

Meanwhile, the Florence Fennel is looking lovely in the vegetable garden – the slugs have not yet found it.


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