Posted by: locaphile | March 31, 2013

Balmy Easter Sunday in the Vegetable Patch

What beautiful weather we are having here in the Pacific Northwest.  We had a lovely three day vacation in Fairhaven (Washington State) and the weather had me missing the garden back home.   The clear skies are heaven compared with last year’s cool wet mush and not bad compared to anything in memory.  We had an Easter Sunday barbecue in the sunny back garden – a first for us.  Our Easter Sundays are traditionally windy and damp but we could get used to the sunshine I think.

Out in the veggie patch our week or so stretch of sunshine has dried everything out and made it possible to turn the soil for planting.  The garlic is moving along and asking for its spring feeding but we are all out of our fertilizer components so that will wait.  We used up all the fertilizer mix prepping beds for salad greens, florence fennel and leeks.  These were sown about three weeks ago under lights in plugs.  Hardened off in the open and unheated greenhouse for a week, the plugs were all ready to go into the garden beds today.  Let’s hope the dryness will put the slugs off as well.  The winter greens are still holding up in the heat and providing us with great salad bits from the “ten foot diet” garden.

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The tomato seedlings are coming along as well.  They were seeded on March 7th and have just been potted up to 10 cm pots.  They will stay under the grow lights for a bit longer as the weather really cannot be trusted (and their pots aren’t ready either).  No pressure…


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