Posted by: locaphile | October 28, 2012

Garlic Planting 2012

Finally got around to planting the garlic.  We have had the garlic ready to plant since we set aside some of our harvest in late July.  The garden beds were not ready, however, being full of zucchini and salad greens until earlier this week.  There seems to be two types of hard-necked garlic going.  One is redder to look at while the other on is white-skinned on the outside of the bulb and red-skinned on the cloves.  Both grew quite well last year, especially in the beds where we dug in some organic fertilizer for them.  I did this again today but tightened up the spacing from about five inches to about three inches.  I am hoping to get more garlic out of the raised beds this year so there is more room for other things to grow.  So I crammed in 170 red cloves into one bed and 217 “white” cloves into a slightly larger bed.  We will see how the harvest shapes up next July.



  1. i love garlic sososo much hart.

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