Posted by: locaphile | October 27, 2012

Juicy Apples, October 2012

We are having a lot of fun with the steam juicer that came into our lives this summer.  Having never made fruit juice, it is all very exciting.  Our first experiments used Macintosh apples from Red Barn Plants and Produce (Maple Ridge and Cawston, BC).  Their apples have been available at our local Haney Farmers Market and their own farm gate sales on Thursday and Friday afternoons in season (check ahead as this season is finishing up).  The Macintosh apples produced a sweet, almost syrupy juice well loved by the fructose fiends in the family.  We dabbled briefly in making pear juice but that was more of an emergency when the pears came ripe all at once.  Yesterday we finally got around to steaming Porter’s Perfection cider apples from Red Barn.  These are little (compared to the beefy Ambrosia in the photo below), oddly shaped, and slightly tart to taste.  Their juice is more of what I imagine a dry cider would taste like before fermentation – a dry apple juice that seems to appeal more to the older set here.




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