Posted by: locaphile | October 12, 2012

Mommy Strike!

I haven’t giggled so hard since I found the book Go the “bleep” to Sleep at Kidsbooks in Vancouver.  Striking Mom is a blog out of Calgary, Alberta self-described as:

Crazy Working Mom: Diary of a mother on the brink of snapping!

I recently went on a ‘mommy strike’ and have been sharing my experiences about it in a ‘logbook’ type fashion on Facebook. Much to my surprise, the response has been overwhelming and I have been asked to share it more publicly. So here it is…my very own blog. Please feel free to share:) I have a feeling I am not the only crazy working mother out there!!

It has had some press in Toronto’s Globe & Mail: “Calgary mom goes on cleaning strike. So how dirty did her house get?”  The article ends with the question (or is it a challenge?): “Would you ever go on strike at your house? Would it be more work than it’s worth?”

As someone pointed out recently, every mother is a working mother… and we are all probably close to some brink or another.  Thanks for sharing “Crazy Working Mom” aka Jessica Stilwell!



  1. well i’m going on a daughter strike then.

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