Posted by: locaphile | August 17, 2012

First Harvest 2012 a Little Pathetic

The season of abundance is starting and I am worried.  I am trying to be optimistic about the tomatoes this year but the chills we had in “June-uary” seem to have set them back terribly. With better tomato weather now there is a lot of growth and flowering but the fruit set is not what it should be and, unless summer extends itself much later this year, the home crop may be the worst ever.  The first harvest of Costoluto Genovese and Black Ethiopian weighed in at all of 3.84 pounds.  I had to buy some organic Romas to make up the (massive) shortfall for the tomato paste recipe.  All my whinging aside, after roasting and processing the tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic, we did end up with 15 – 250 ml jars of quite delicious Tomato Paste.  I had to recreate the recipe as I left not trace of what I did last year when I made another good batch of paste.  Oh well.

In other garden news the beans that were labelled “Bush Beans” and were planted in pots on the driveway have changed their minds and become pole beans.  This complicates things as no supports or trellis was planned for the purported bush beans.  We now have a rather tippy looking teepee installed and the plants are producing very well.  As part of today’s canning event I pickled 3 – 750 ml jars of Tarragon Beans that will be fun to taste in six weeks or so.  It is reassuring that the beans and the cucumbers are doing so well (even as the tomatoes are not).



  1. Thats not pathetic! It looks marvelous darling. My pickled beans didn’t turn out so fine.

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