Posted by: locaphile | August 11, 2012

Fabulous Day at the Farm

Haney Farmers Market went to Brookfield Farm today and had a fabulously good time.  The music was swinging from the early, cool hours of the morning to the toasty warm but breezy afternoon.  What started the day as a recently mowed hay field turned into the signature Market created by the Haney Farmers Market Society, its Market Managers and Coordinators.  With smiles of good humor all around the vendors arrived along with hay bales, the farm-trailer musical stage and Golden Ears 4-H Community Club animals and their human guardians.  The fruit, berries and vegetables are in top form.  We had great finds from de la Bouche (Sweet Cherry and Onion Chutney – mmmm), blueberries from Hansra Farms in Pitt Meadows, peaches from Valley Tree Fruits, and eggs from Ridge Free Range Eggs.  Thank you everyone for a fun day at the Market Farm.

Back to Maple Ridge’s Memorial Peace Park for next week’s Haney Farmers Market.


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