Posted by: locaphile | August 3, 2012

Food Day Canada 2012

Apparently August 4th, 2012 is Canada Food Day and Butter Tarts are Canadian.  On August 4th we are to celebrate our farmers and food producers across the country.  Restaurants are plotting special regional menus and home cooks are encouraged to create meals made entirely of Canadian products.  From the Food Day Canada website:

Food Day Canada, Saturday August 4th, is a chance for all Canadians to join hands in one massive celebration in praise of our farmers and fishers; our chefs and researchers…and, above all, our home cooks.   Get involved.

You can head to one of our enthusiastic Food Day Canada restaurants to enjoy an unequalled repast or you can plan your own party!  Absolutely Anywhere!   Paddle to a distant shore to light a campfire…barbecue some fish …sweep off the deck for a neighbourhood supper….dig a roasting pit….build an oven … fire up the grill…and use only Canadian ingredients to create a feast or a simple dinner that honours our extraordinary culinary history and points the way to the future, together.

And never, ever be afraid to haul out your soapbox to tell retailers to provide more Canadian ingredients, with hopefully less packaging, so you can eat this way all year round!

The Vancouver Sun today reports that Canadians are keen to “eat local”: “BC Consumers willing to pay more for local foods.”  Supporting Canadian producers is a priority as well as concerns for freshness, the environment, and safety.   The article reports that “local food can be more expensive [than imported food] for various reasons:

Imported food may come from farms that pay lower wages, use less regulated pesticides, have poorer animal welfare standards, or have advantages of scale due to their size and can sell their wares for less… [M]ore people are asking themselves, “What is really in that food and how does that affect me from a health perspective, from a local economic development perspective, respect for other species, concern over fair labour?”

Here in Maple Ridge you can visit the Haney Farmers Market on August 4th to get your taste of local.  The Market is starting to bulge with good things to eat.  Enjoy your Canada Food Day 2012.


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