Posted by: locaphile | July 29, 2012

Garlic Harvest 2012

Before setting off into pickling season we thought it would be a good idea to harvest the garlic.  We did all the usual dithering: is it ready?  how can you tell? etc., etc.  We decided it is when the first two or three bottom leaves have yellowed and dried and the cloves have formed and filled out their skins.  We pulled up the feral garlic first.  These are the bulbs that must have seeded themselves around the edges of the vegetable garden as they are in some strange places like deep in the asparagus bed or growing up through blueberry roots.  The volunteers came up as quite respectable garlic heads so now, in addition to the cloves sown purposefully in a carefully prepared bed last October, we have a lot of garlic.  It will dry off on the porch and then we will hang it in bunches on the way down to the crawl space – somewhat cool and somewhat humid through the winter.

Q: Is there a way to store garlic that slows down its sprouting in the spring?  This past spring we noticed that our dried and hung garlic decided to sprout just as its planted brethren in the vegetable garden started into growth in a serious way.  Must it all sprout at the same time?  It would be really nice to slow that process down so that we can enjoy our garlic for longer.



  1. […] year we set about harvesting our garlic at the end of July – see post for that bit of excitement.  This year when the leaves started yellowing we found advice that […]

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