Posted by: locaphile | June 1, 2012

Yellow Warbler Visit

We had a traumatic visit from we think was a Yellow Warbler this week.  On Tuesday it flew into one of our windows and knocked itself out.  Quick internet research suggested that blood clots were the greatest danger.  The creature would need to be placed in a dark and quiet area for a few hours if it was to recover at all.  So it was placed in a flower pot and cardboard box with paper towel bedding and gently covered with a towel.  More than a few hours passed with the little bird alternating between looking dazed and looking near death.  As night fell we placed the bird and its pot in the greenhouse so as to keep it safe from all the marauding cats that populate our neighbourhood.

It did not look much better in the morning, continuing to alternate between dazed and deathly.  As we all set off to face the day we rigged up a sling off the ground so that the cats would not be able to get at the bird.  Having taken the towel off, the bird would be free to fly away when (if) it felt up to it.  And it did up and fly away about 24 hours after it bashed into the glass.  There is no sign of the Yellow Warbler in the garden which is too bad, it would be nice to have them spend time in our garden despite the glass and the cats and all the other hazards.


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