Posted by: locaphile | May 9, 2012

Spring Gardening: Too Busy To Blog

We have been almost too busy to blog as Spring is truly upon us.  Planting seeds under grow lights and in the unheated greenhouse, preparing garden beds, planting out the veggie starts (lettuce, chard, onions, etc), mixing our soil-less mix for the tomato pots (27 this year, may have reached maximum) getting those pesky weeds before they seed….

The lawn has gone so crazy that it is too much for one person and our push mower.  The family has to take turns to keep up.  The lettuce is finally growing fast enough to outpace the slug damage so we are well on our way to new salad crops while we enjoy the end of the winter greens – arugulas, kales, cole, and lettuce.  Sadly, the spinach was not happy this year so we are without.  The rhubarb patch is finally big enough to harvest from this year.  The peas got around to germinating on their third and fourth sowings so there is also hope in that department.  The garlic looks happier than ever – perhaps we will grow enough to keep us going all year this time.  And, oh-la-la, the Asparagus is fabulous once more – though not very photogenic.  We’d plant acres of the stuff if we had acres to plant.  So yummy it is.



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