Posted by: locaphile | March 10, 2012

Salad Days

Our spring salad planting are beginning to take off with the coming of more light and slightly warmer weather.  The plantings under the south-facing eaves are doing particularly well with the exception of the pak chois that seem set on going directly to seed.  We have not established a good relationship with these plants for some reason. The greenhouse greens are quite densely planted and have not been getting as much sun.  Hopefully they will come along soon.  Our latest salad also used some of the pickled garlic scapes from last year (see “Pickled Garlic Scapes,” June 2011).  The 100 Foot Diet is going well so far.


More seeds are getting started in modules under the grow lights – lettuces, basils, leeks and onions are on their way to a head start.  The potatoes are sprouting and forming roots on 10 cm pots in the green house.  I did not expect much from them last year so they were started all together in one pot.  This year I will experiment with spacing them more in the potato planter (see “Parking Lot Potatoes,” August 2011 for last year’s potato photos).


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