Posted by: locaphile | February 26, 2012


It has been several months since we began taking seriously the preserving of food.  We started with the small greenhouse cucumbers that were plentiful at the Haney Farmers Market in early summer.  We made some lovely bread and butter pickles with them.  As the posts of last Summer and Autumn document, we then fell into a frenzy of salsas, sauces and pickles.  To update our canning situation, it is with great pleasure that we can report we are still enjoying all the goodies that we canned last year.   We have achieved a proud self-sufficiency in salsas (yellow, red and green), tomato sauce (two sorts), tomato paste, pizza sauce, pickled beans, dill pickles, pickled beets, pickled pears, bread and butter pickles, chutney and mincemeat.  It feels great to know that we have not trundled off to the super market for any of these popular (in our household anyways) foodstuffs this year.  We must remember to make more roasted tomato paste and pickled beans as these are the items we are running low on first.  Perhaps we could make do with less of the tomatillo salsas though.  We grew most of the tomatoes and found the other ingredients at local farms like Red Barn, farmers markets, and smaller retailers like Maple Market, Bruce’s and Hopcott’s.

Also, for the first time, we have managed to grow enough garlic (lots) to meet our needs.  We are hoping to repeat this performance as we see the new shoots breaking through the ground despite the chill and rain (and bright sun and fluffy hail as well today).  The salad greens that we sowed last Autumn are finally looking as though they might be interested in growing up.  They survived happily enough in pots in the unheated greenhouse and under the eaves but they did not do very much through the winter.  The peas and spinach that we sowed ten days ago have not peeked through but we remain hopeful.

Meanwhile, as gardeners and preservers full of hope, we started the new tomato seeds under grow lights today.  The plan is that they will be well under way when they are planted out in April (weather willing) and into production in August and September (ditto).  Looking forward to the best year ever… (again).   Such delightful anticipation!



  1. I LOVE that photo. I just got my seeds started this week as well. I always look forward to canning at this time of year.

  2. […] several weeks.  We are still in search of a full year’s amount of salsa – our “SALSA-ficiency“.  The stuff is very popular around […]

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