Posted by: locaphile | October 7, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving.  This is the weekend for turkeys and pumpkins and all the good things that we harvest this time of year in this part of the world.  We have a lot to give thanks for this year.  The tomatoes turned out a thousand times better than we thought they would.  And so did our salsas.  The weather is not getting any better – July was truly awful – but maybe we are getting to be better gardeners and cooks.

We have been so busy canning that it has been hard to get to the computer to blog about it.  Beets, tomatoes, tomatillos.  All so good.  Roasted Sweet Beet Relish.  All kinds of tomato sauce, paste and salsas.  We really do not want to do with the Tomatillos except to make Salsa Verde.  Any other suggestions?

We’ll get back to the new preserving books and recipes later.

The turkeys were visiting the Haney Farmers Market last week.  This week the Market will be full of great produce and treats.  We are looking forward to some more fresh fruit and vegetables.  You can stop for some coffee and scones while you enjoy live music and a lot of community.  You never know who you might run into.


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