Posted by: locaphile | September 5, 2011

Good Canned Goods

Whew.  We have been so busy canning that I haven’t been near the computer to write about it.  We have canned things on and off over the years but now things are getting much more serious.  We decided to give the gas cook top in the kitchen a break and invest in an outdoor propane burner for the hot water bath(es).  Then we lined up all the ingredients and started chopping.  All was fine until someone noticed that I had lined up the ingredients for not just one canning project but five.  So, all at once, we were making a Roma Marinara tomato sauce, a similar but thicker sauce for pizzas with our heirloom tomatoes, a Yellow Salsa with yellow tomatoes and peppers as well as corn, a smoked paprika salsa with Paul Robeson tomatoes, green beans pickled with garlic and dill, as well as Salsa Verde with tomatillos and Anaheim peppers.  I didn’t mention the refrigerator pickles until later…

For the Roma Marinara Sauce we started (at six in the morning) with fifty pounds of romas from Red Barn Plants and Produce here in Maple Ridge.  The hard-working folks at Red Barn also topped up our supply of yellow tomatoes for the Yellow Salsa.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their amazing charentais melon which was something like a heavenly cantaloupe.

The rest of the heirloom tomatoes come from our suburban garden.  Despite the miserable summer we are now into full production – only a month behind.  The timing is not great as it coincides with the back-to-school crises but that is another matter.

By the end of the first day we were well on our way with the Roma Marinara and Green Beans complete and the Yellow Salsa ready to can.  On day two we went into production on the pizza sauce and Salsa Verde.  The afternoon was rounded off with cippolini onion refrigerator pickles – Agrodolce.







The 50 lbs of Romas turned into 22 litres of tomato sauce, the other tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers into 19 litres of salsa and, also, we made 12 litres of pickled beans and 3 litres of pizza sauce.  Whew indeed.   The jars look like jewels but better, more edible!



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